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Emergency Money Loans is a famous online loan matching service provider. We are dedicated to find out the most favorable loan deal for you by the most reliable lender with better rates and terms. To make your web experience smooth, easy and convenient with us we will make use of cookies on our website. We have maintained a separate page of cookie policy on our website that explains you the importance of cookies and how it is been used by us to provide you better web experience.

What are cookies? Cookies are a series of small text files that are automatically downloaded to your computer or laptop through Internet browsing. The purpose of using your cookies is just to store your preferences and help you to enjoy better web experience with us in a fast and smooth way. By simply storing your preferences we will be able to recognize you when you next log-in to our website. By using our website on continuous basis it will be considered as you acceptance that you have allowed us to use cookies stored in your system. But if you are not agreed to it then you can any time set a browser to refuse or delete cookies. But by doing that you may able to enjoy our website services as fast as it has meant to be.

Information that has been collected in the form of cookies like your preferred searches on our website, your IP address and areas you visited on our website will be always kept safe and confidential with us. Cookies do not store any information about your passwords, personal information or will never download any sort of software programs on your system. So, it is 100% safe to use cookies.

At this website we may use cookies to count the total number of people who have visited us and how many among them have applied with us and filled our application form. Cookies will also be used to track your browser type and language, your IP address, areas you visited on the website, links you browse while on the site, how much time you spend on a particular page etc. We will use this information to know about how our website is been used and also about your searching actions and patterns. By using information collected through cookies we will be able to send you newsletters which contain useful information about your preferred searches.

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